Innovative E-Rickshaw Designs

All products are designed to blend the best the benefits, as only an electric vehicle can. They artfully provide unfettered performance and brilliant functionality.

Cost Efficient

These vehicles provide efficient use of energy and saves money. Electric Rickshaws have a very low running cost and maintenance, these rickshaws, have a very long life, and are economical than other non battery operated vehicles.

Environment Friendly

Helps you to preserve the environment, as other fuels used cause pollution, electric vehicles have zero emission which helps to reduce pollution and offer a much healthier surrounding.


With high end technology, high grade engineering and combination of different composite materials, we are able to enhance performance, reduce electrical losses, reduce weight, increase battery life and mileage of E-Rickshaws.

The leading manufacturer of E Rickshaws in India.

Providing high quality products for the best price and a variety of products for you to choose from.

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