Shri Manoharlal Khattar at opening of e rickshaw cab service by Smart-E cabs, Prince e-rickshaw by GEM, with additional safety features, GPS, Tablet screen view, CCTV cameras, Smart-E Mobile application.

The Smart-E cab service is planning to launch such cab service soon in various parts of the country, currently starting with 50 e-rickshaws. GEM provides warranty on most parts to all its customers and fast service to its customers to ensure a non-stop running period of the vehicles, manufactured in India, there is no problem of spares, service or any kind of delay in repair, along with these benefits as FRP is used, the vehicles have low damage and are easy to repair in case of an accident.

Delhi govt. and various organizations supported this event, the company plans to extend the service further to other parts of India.

Deeply satisfied with performance and support from GEM the company decided to launch new Smart-E cabs in Gurgaon, with a plan to launch 3000 vehicles in India.