Upcoming Grocery Delivery Chain of India Ondoor are now using E Vehicles by GEM

Ondoor is a leading grocery delivery chain in many Indian states, with a large network of vehicles used for groceries, ondoor guarantees timely delivery of required groceries, vegetables, fruits and other household items.

Ondoor recently started using a network of E-Vehicles for their deliveries, ensuring timely delivery, reduction in operating and maintenance cost and most importantly working to protect the environment.

Gem Samrat is customized as a Ondoor delivery vehicle in order to provide the best performance and improving the range of the vehicle. This vehicle has better efficiency than any current E-Cart or E-Rickshaw, is light in weight and has a fiberglass body, providing high strength and insulation from outside environment, so the food stays fresh and healthy even while in delivery.

New 5 Wheel E Rickshaw ICE CREAM Cart

Ice cream Cart for Emoi Ice Creams by GEM E Rickshaws, Emoi is a premium brand ice cream, serving millions on this special Made in India Green Vehicle by GEM.

Vehicle is developed in fiberglass, 5 wheels first time in India. High premium quality body, stainless steel and fiberglass with special 5 wheel design for stability and amazing look.

e cart e rickshaw ice cream 5 wheel

The vehicle is able to carry load up to 800 Kgs, large enough to fit full scale ice cream container units with refrigeration system and is able to run for more than 80 KM per charge with standard 100AH batteries.

ice cream van