Udaipur Municipal corporation recently adopted E-rickshaws and E-carts as safe and environment friendly mode of transport, launching these vehicles on 16 March 2017.

Udaipur Municipal Corporation is the first government organization to adopt Li-ion technology batteries in E-rickshaws, these vehicles are much more cost efficient. The life of the batteries are almost 3-4 times Lead acid batteries.

GEM is the first E-Rickshaw manufacturer in India to successfully commercialize Li-ion batteries in E-Rickshaws.


Lithium Ion batteries are not as prominent in e-rickshaws due to their high cost, new technology for manufacturing however will make it much more affordable soon.

Li-ion batteries are the most popular choice in high end automobiles, mobile phones, laptop computers and other similar devices.

GEM is currently able to manufacture E-Rickshaw Prince, and Samrat with Li-ion, contact us to know more.

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