King is a high performance tricycle with unique design. With design and very high technical specification this product is unique in itself.
It matches and even beats the performance of CNG 3 wheelers in certain aspects.King consumes a lot less than petrol, diesel, LPG or CNG and is much more cost effective.
King is designed to carry whole family or groups and has a very strong FRP body and highly engineered parts in order to provide for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Special Features

•Increased shocker performance					•Better battery life
•Better steering and handling					•More powerful
•Designed to provide comfort for longer distances		•Aerodynamic shape
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Technical Specifications

Each vehicle is tested 30km in rough conditions and 400 kg external weight before delivery


No of passengers		3+1(Driver)
Load Capacity			400kg
Max Speed			25km/h
Rear Suspension			Spring suspension
Brake System			Drum brakes
Max. Braking Distance		3mtrs
Battery Capacity		75-80km(On full Load)
Colors Available		Red, Green, Yellow, White, Metallic