Prince e rickshaws

Electric rickshaws are being widely accepted in India for multiple reasons. Keeping this thought in our mind and with extensive research and surveying in the market we emphasized on development of a new product which is better in performance and designed to satisfy our customers.
A lot of benefits compared to almost all existing rickshaws have been added to Prince. As you may notice some of these are front glass, after sales services, warranty on most products, much better handling and braking performance, improved quality of parts. As all aspects have been re-engineered and designed to increase performance and without a doubt improvement in design has caused Prince Electric Rickshaw to be unique than any other in its comparison.
Because of new FRP based body material not only the design has improved but also it becomes more durable, resistant to fire, corrosion , and is easily repairable in case of an accident.

Special Features

Increased rear shocker performance
Wider seating Space
Option for rear glass and other accessories
Lot of Space for Advertisement
Warranty on most parts
Lots of storing capacity
Light in Weight
Better range per charge than any other E Rickshaw
FRP Lasting much longer
Easy to Repair FRP in case of Accidental Damage
Available in Various Colors

Technical Specifications

Each vehicle is tested 30km in rough conditions and 400 kg external weight before delivery

					No of passengers		4 Passengers + 1 Driver + Luggage
					Load Capacity			More than 500kg
					Motor Power                 	1kW
					Max Speed			25km/h
					Dimensions			2700 x 1000 x 1750 mm
					Rear Suspension			Leaf Spring(double-eye with U-Bolts)
					Brake System			Mechanical Drum brakes
					Max.Braking Distance		2mtrs
					Battery Capacity		~90km
					Colors Available		Red, Green, Yellow, Blue