Highly Reliable FRP technology

Strong Reliable fiberglass (FRP) build

Stronger than Metal & Durablity more than Steel

Engineered for Better Performance

Increased Shocker Performance suspension front and back Front Telescopic Spring heavy shockers specially designed to carry heavy load of E-Rickshaws

Rear Leaf shockers manufactured for heavy load, commercial vehicles high grade spring steel rear leaf shockers for increased comfort of passengers

High Stability

Prince is carefully engineered and designed to provide the maximum stability.

We use a combination of wider rear wheel track and lower Center of Gravity carefully engineered while maintaining a high ground clearance for rough road conditions.

Prince is designed with High Stability, an essential safety feature in E-Rickshaws.

dashboard rickshaw

Wider Seating Space and tons of storage capacity

Designed with wider seats

Features a Glove Compartment, a Rear trunk with stepny storage, and the battery box

Save the environment, battery operated rickshaws have almost 0% emission

Virtually no driving expense

Low maintenance and low fuel cost, being an electric vehicle the fuel is much more cost efficient

 High Efficiency Electric Motorized Vehicle

Fiberglass ensures life long protection against rust, is resistant to most chemicals including battery acid.

High Quality of parts used in the e-rickshaw designed and engineered for long life and efficient performance ensures low maintenance and minimizes other hidden expenses.

GEM Prince contains high quality Electronic components, thick gauge low resistance components. Batteries are placed strategically to minimize loss and improve efficiency and provide a much longer battery life. The system would provide an increased battery life and 10-20% more mileage to the vehicle.

Get the GEM's Unique Battery Saving System

battery design

Saves a lot of electricity and increases the life of the batteries.

Lots of Additional Features

E Rickshaw Price
Additional Windshield Attachment available*
FM Radio with USB port, Remote and built in HQ sound speakers
FM Radio with USB port, Remote and built in HQ sound speakers
Lots of space to advertise and earn more

Available in attractive colors

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