Made in FRP with awesome designing and engineered for performance. FRP which is stronger than metal and much more durable than steel proved a long life to the vehicle.
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QUEEN E Rickshaw

Most economical E-Rickshaw made for high performance, durable design and long life. Made in high quality material metal + fiberglass body available at an economical and exciting price. Consist of additional exciting features such as additional windscreen and safety features.

King E Rickshaw

Premium quality Vehicle made for luxurious comfort and special places.


Samrat E Cart

Made to carry heavy loads with ease at lowest possible running cost and maintenance, in addition to protecting the environment.


Customized E Cart

The vehicle can be customized and made into different products that you choose.

Fruit Cart

Fruits and vegetable cart, mobile grocery shop and a fast food shop at your customers doorstep.

Shopping Cart

A portable shop that can be set up anywhere with ease. Also providing electricity to run electronic devices.

School Van

Electric battery operated rickshaw now for school going children.