New and Improved Design with lots of interesting features


Available in high quality Mild steel Metal Body or Even Stronger FRP Body

Engineered for Performance and Durability

Heavy Shockers with just the best spring performanceFront Telescopic  heavy shockers with large helical springs. Looks and feels the best.

Rear Leaf shockers manufactured for heavy load wider leafs with commercial pick-up vehicle grade spring steel for  comfort of passengers.

Wider Axle and Stronger Differential 

Wider axle provides higher stability, more seating space and brings a higher level of  comfort in the ride.

Stronger axle increases life of the vehicle, and makes passengers feel safe.

We use a combination of wider rear wheel track and lower Center of Gravity carefully engineered while maintaining a high ground clearance for rough road conditions.

Virtually no driving expense

Low maintenance and low fuel cost, being an electric vehicle the fuel is much more cost efficient

High Efficiency Electric Motorized Vehicle

Fiberglass ensures life long protection against rust, is resistant to most chemicals including battery acid.

High Quality of parts used in the e-rickshaw designed and engineered for long life and efficient performance ensures low maintenance and minimizes other hidden expenses.

GEM Prince contains high quality Electronic components, thick gauge low resistance components. Batteries are placed strategically to minimize loss and improve efficiency and provide a much longer battery life. The system would provide an increased battery life and 10-20% more mileage to the vehicle.

Get the GEM’s Unique Battery Saving Systembattery design

Lots of Additional Features

Strong Metal Structure and Lots of Space

Features Rear trunk with stepny storage, the battery storage, and wide seats. Variants with carrier on the roof might be available.

Front and Rear Bumpers

For protection in case of accidental damage, heavy hard metal bumpers are added to Queen Dlx.

Light Guards are also added for even further protection of the light glass.

Alloy Wheels


Alloy wheels are ever popular addition to e rickshaws. Alloys are available* as an addition to Queen DLX.

FM Radio


Stereo System with high capacity speakers, USB, Roof Light, a storage compartment and a look that impresses anyone.

Additional Windscreen attachment*

Protects you, available as an additional attachment, wipers also available*.

Center Locking System

Center locking with motor locking in case of theft attempt.

Powerful brakes

Large drum brakes with mechanical system, loaded with automatic electronic motor protection system which activates upon application of foot brakes or hand brake. Hand brake is powerful, similar to Diesel/CNG auto and is easily accessible.

Available in attractive colors