samrat the loader e cart
Electric load carriers are being used for its efficiency and cost effectiveness.These vehicles are an improvement upon current electric/petrol/diesel/CNG variants of rickshaws and load carrying vehicles. Electric loader requires quality assurance and low maintenance due to rough and regular use, we assure quality and and have developed SAMRAT to reduce maintenance and improve output. FRP provides low maintenance, high impact resistance and insulation from weather conditions. The FRP design ensures strength and provides a light weight alternative to other material.

Special Features

•Increased shocker performance	   		    		•Lots of storing capacity
•Large storage unit					     	•Protective insulation of polyurethane
•Comfortable cabin space					•FRP body much longer life
•Added option for roof				      	        •Repairing easy in case of accident
•Warranty on most parts

Technical Specifications

Each vehicle is tested 30km in rough conditions and 400 kg external weight before delivery
					Load Capacity			400kg(Upto 1000 on special requirement)
					Max Speed			25km/h
					Rear Suspension			Leaf Spring(double-eye with U-Bolts)
					Brake System			Drum brakes
					Max.Braking Distance		3mtrs(On full Load)
					Battery Capacity		70km(On full Load)
					Colors Available		Red, Green, Yellow, White, Metallic