Technical Specifications

  • BLDC Motor Controller 650-2000W
  • Reverse Switching
  • Converter integration available
  • Electrical Brake cut off
  • Overload Protection
  • Heat Resistant
  • Output Current: 30A/40A/60A/80A
  • Operation Voltage:48V
  • Speed locking facility
  • 3 Way speed switching facility available
  • Control other electrical systems lights, horn, etc.

GEM E Rickshaw Controller

  • Built for 1000W motor with high torque
  • Better performance
  • 24 Mosfet
  • Compatible with almost all motors
  • High Power Brakes
  • Delivers High Torque
  • High power saving capacity
  • Gives more range per charge
  • Central Locking System available on special request*
  • Warranty available*

GEM E Cart Controller

  • Built for 1500W motor
  • 36 Mosfet
  • High Current 70-90A range
  • Compatible with high torque motors
  • Ideal for load carrying vehicles such as E Carts
  • Low power consumption capability
  • High Brake / Motor Cut off capability
  • Regenerative Braking available on special request*

We offer high grade e rickshaw controllers, manufactured in India, controllers are used for electrical system control in electric vehicles. GEM E rickshaw controllers provide additional safety features. We have a variety of controllers used in e rickshaws and e carts, depending on the requirements of the user we provide the best solution.

Controllers can be configured for providing better range and lower battery consumption or increased torque as required by the user.

Each controller undergoes electrical tests to provide uninterrupted performance for your electric rickshaw.




*Warranty provided as per Terms and Conditions.