Technical Specifications for E-Rickshaw Motor

  • BLDC Motor
  • Power:250W / 650W / 800W / 850W / 1000W / 1250W / 2kV
  • Voltage Rating:48V / 60V
  • Speed:3000rpm(1000W,48V)
  • Splash Resistant
  • Hall effect sensor feedback
e rickshaw motor

Motor is the heart of an electric vehicle, motor’s capacity and efficiency is a great deal, an e-rickshaw uses BLDC motor powered with controller that controls the movement of the motor. Choosing the best motor is critical for any electric vehicle, the capacity of the motor should be enough to generate high enough torque to enhance the user experience without wasting too much energy to ensure longer mileage is delivered by the battery.

A good quality motor is important factor to consider before buying an e-rickshaw, the Power should be optimal (We recommend ~1000W in cities and ~1500 in hilly areas) for E-rickshaws to get more mileage and sufficient power to ply with 6-8 passengers in case of overloading condition. There are other factors to be considered for optimal performance along with the motor, most important being the integration of motor, controller and the batteries.

GEM uses the most efficient e rickshaw motors, used for optimum drive quality and power electric rickshaws.

Generally used configurations are 1000W and 1500W, 1800W motors for E Rickshaws and E-carts.