Vehicle for Canteen Shops and Cart Food

An Economical environment friendly way to sell food anywhere you want, with the new display E-Cart Canteen Van its becoming easier and better. GEM recently made the E-Canteen customized on E-Cart Samrat, this additional attachment turns your Samrat into  a moving Shop.

Ideal for Canteen, portable vans, Chinese Food, Roadside Carts and much more.


canteen e cart

Great features of these vehicles include

  • Space for a person to stand in
  • Dust bin Space, removable and easy to clean
  • Fiberglass which is rust proof and mostly chemical resistant
  • A lot of features additional such as counters, expandable top roof, lots of space for storage

e rickshaw van food chinese food

Note: The vehicle is customized, made for internal use, needs additional transport approval in some states.